How do I shop?
  • To know your accumulated reward points on your credit card, please call the IndusInd Bank helpline at 020 - 6000 6160. In case of debit cards please login to IndusNet – internet banking or call us on 1860 500 5004/022 4406 6666 to know your accumulated IndusMoney reward points.
  • Once you know your accumulated reward points that are available for redemption, you can proceed by clicking on any of the 2 tabs on the home page i.e. Flights or Redeem & Shop.
  • If you select the option - Redemption, you can redeem your reward points for the products available across categories.
  • If you select - Flight or Redeem & Shop, you can shop by redeeming your accumulated reward points & pay for the differential amount using your IndusInd Bank Credit & Debit Cards.
What are the timings when I can call Indus Moments contact centre?

You can call Indus Moments contact centre between Monday to Saturday 9:00AM to 6:00PM

My account

What is 'My Account'?
My account stores your personal information like email address, phone number, shipping address, delivery address and the type of card that you hold.
What if I forget my password?

You can reset your user ID & password online.

Can I change my account information?
Yes, you will be able to change your details online


Are there any delivery charges?
Delivery charges may be charged depending on the product and will be mentioned in the product description.
Additional reward points were debited from my credit/debit card towards the selected product. What should I do?

Please contact the IndusInd Bank helpline number 020 - 6000 6160 for assistance in case of credit card & 1860 500 5004/022 4406 6666 in case of debit card.

The amount that was debited from my credit/debit card is more than the amount quoted on the website. What do I do?

Please call the IndusInd Bank helpline number 020 - 6000 6160 for assistance in case of credit card & 1860 500 5004/022 4406 6666 in case of debit card.

I have used my redemption points to buy a product online and raised a request at the call centre for cash credit of my reward points. Which one will be processed?

We work on the first-in-first out principle. Whichever request is logged into our system first will be actioned out first.

I received the product against reward redemption. But I don’t like it. Can I get my rewards back?

No. reward points once redeemed cannot be given back to the customer

If the product chosen by me is not available will my reward points get credited back?
Yes, in case products chosen by you are not available then your reward points will get re-credited back to your account. Also in case delivery of the products cannot be done to your registered address then the points will get re-credited. This facility is not available for credit cards.

Flight Booking

Can I book both international and domestic flights using my points?

Yes, you can book domestic as well as international flights using your points on the Indus Moments website.

Can I book tickets for infants on Indus Moments?

Yes, you can book tickets for one infant per adult on Indus Moments.

  • The age of the infant must be below 24 months on the date of travel
  • Make sure you carry valid proof–of–age documents at the time of check-in
  • The infant is not awarded a seat on the flight and has to travel with the accompanying adult
What is the maximum number of seats that I can book/redeem my points for?

You can book 9 seats at one time. If you want to book more than 9 seats, you will need to go through the booking process once again. Please note that fares will not be guaranteed until and unless booking is completed.

Can I book a multi–city trip?
Sorry, you cannot book a multi-city trip at this moment. To book a multi-city trip, you will have to book individual destinations separately.
I entered my payment details and hit Submit, and all I got was a blank screen! I got charged but don’t have an e–ticket. What is the next course of action?

We’re really sorry for the inconvenience. In extremely rare cases, we do not receive the response from the payment gateway on confirmation of payment. In such cases, your points used to book the ticket will get refunded to your account within 1 hour. In such a scenario, we strongly recommend you revisit the whole process.

I searched for flight tickets and selected my flight. However, after providing the passenger details, I see that the fares have increased. Why?
The airline fares are dynamic in nature and are based on availability of seats on the particular flight. There is always a possibility that the seats selected by you may get sold till the time you complete the booking. Therefore, to minimize the chances of booking failures, we check the availability of the seats before you proceed with the payment. If you find that the fare has increased at this step, you have the option of going ahead with the booking or refreshing the search.
How do I know my flight ticket has been booked?

We’ll send you an SMS (to Indian numbers only) and an email to confirm your flight booking.

What is the minimum time frame within which I need to redeem my points before I fly?

There is no minimum time frame for redeeming your points. You can redeem your points for a flight departing on the same day.

How do I get my e–ticket details?

E-ticket is always sent to your registered email ID or you can get it from the airline website by clicking “Manage my bookings”.

How do I get a boarding pass for an e–ticket?

You can get a boarding pass and check-in in three ways:

  • Some of the airlines provide a web check-in facility, where you can select your seat and print your boarding pass online. If you use this facility, you will have to visit the check-in counter to drop your baggage
  • You can also check-in using the tele check-in service provided by some of the airlines. In such cases, you will have to present your ticket and ID proof at the airline check-in counter for issuance of boarding card and for baggage drop
  • Alternatively, you can check-in physically at the airport counters of the airline by presenting your ticket and ID proof
Do I have to show my e–ticket confirmation email at the airline check–in counter?
Yes, you do. Some airports don’t allow you to enter without a printout of your e–ticket, so be sure to carry one with you. If you’ve forgotten to carry your e–ticket printout, you can contact the airline ticketing counters at the airport to issue a duplicate itinerary receipt.
How do I confirm my seat allotment?
Indus Moments does not allow you to pre-book your seats. You can call the airline to book your seats (there may/may not be an extra cost) or you can assign your seats at the time of web check-in, which is usually done within 24hrs of your departure time. You cannot web check-in 4 hours before your departure but can choose your seats at the check-in counter.
Do you issue paper tickets?

No, we do not issue paper tickets.

Do I have to make any extra payments at the airport?
It depends on the airport you’re flying from. As of now, in India, only Bangalore airport charges a user development fee of Rs.260 per passenger. You can pay by cash or debit card.
How much baggage can I carry?

Cabin and checked-in baggage limits vary from airline to airline. Some airlines have baggage weight restrictions and others have a specific number of pieces permitted. Please note that restrictions on baggage apply to both checked–in bags as well as cabin baggage. Often, you’ll be asked to pay for any checked–in luggage that exceeds the weight permitted. Cabin luggage that exceeds the weight limit is not permitted and will have to be checked in. Please check with your airline for more details.

I’ve booked my tickets but need to add my child’s tickets to my booking. How do I do it?
If your tickets are already booked and you want to book a ticket for your child on the same flight, you need to contact the airline directly.
I misspelled my name while booking a ticket. How do I get it changed?

As per the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration), you are not allowed to change or amend the name. However, a few airlines do allow you to change the name depending on the scenario. Please get in touch with the airline directly.

Another option would be cancelling your ticket and booking another one. However, there are no guarantees on the price or flight details.

I selected the wrong prefix (Mr./Mrs.) to a passenger’s name while booking. How can I get this changed?
Just contact Indus Moments Customer Care by calling 020 - 6000 6160 and give your Booking Ref. No. We’ll find out if your airline supports title change and if it does, we’ll pass on your details to them. If the airline doesn’t allow title change you’ll have to cancel and then re-book the ticket with the correct title.
Is it possible to book tickets for another person through my account?
Yes, just enter the details of the passengers you want to book for when you’re asked to enter traveller details at the time of booking.
Can I book a special meal through Indus Moments?
Sorry, Indus Moments currently does not support this feature. Please contact the airline directly.
How can I cancel my redemption for the flight ticket?
Cancellations are not permitted for flight tickets redeemed through Indus Moments.
If there is no confirmation on the booking status, what step needs to be taken?
If no confirmation on the booking status is received till the 3rd day from the date of booking, then booking status will be changed to failed.


I am unable to locate the product that I wish to shop for.

Please use the search option available to locate the product. The search option works for product searches only. It does not work for categories.

My cart shows duplicate items even though I clicked on it only once. What should I do?

Please click on the “Remove“ button beside the duplicate item, and then proceed to “Checkout“.

An item added to my shopping bag was suddenly sold out at checkout. How is this possible?

The item is only reserved once your purchase is completed in the checkout. If an item is very popular, it might be available when you place it in your shopping bag, but sold out once you reach the checkout. Please select another product of your choice.


Can I edit my order once placed?

Once the order is placed, it cannot be edited. You can edit the order prior to checkout.

Will I receive an invoice for my order?

Yes. You will receive your invoice along with the product.

Can I change the address once I have placed the order?

No, the address cannot be changed once the order is placed.

How do I know my order has been confirmed?

Once your order has been successfully placed, you will receive a confirmation of the receipt of the order and an order number will be provided via an SMS on the mobile number provided by you.

How do I track the status of my orders?

Once the order is placed successfully, your will receive an order no. You can track your orders by calling Indus Moments helpline number 020 - 6000 6160 using the order number.

Are there any hidden charges like Octroi or Sales Tax?

There are no hidden charges. All prices listed for all the items are final and all-inclusive.

Can I order a product that is 'Out of Stock'?

'Out of Stock' products cannot be ordered

What is the estimated delivery time?

The estimated delivery time may differ from product to product. However we do try and deliver the products as soon as possible. You will also receive an SMS once the product is dispatched.

I have submitted the details, and clicked the final button. The page timed out. I don’t know whether the order was placed. What should I do?

An SMS will be sent to the mobile number provided by you if the order has been processed.

I have placed an order and have received a confirmation for the same. Can I cancel the order?

The order once placed cannot be cancelled.

I am not satisfied with the product you sent me. What should I do?

Any dispute related to the product should be referred to Indus Moments team. Please contact them on the helpline numbers 020 - 6000 6160 for assistance.

My product has not arrived yet. What should I do?

Please call Indus Moments helpline numbers 020 - 6000 6160 with your order number.

I have received a different product than the one I ordered. Whom do I call?

Please call Indus Moments helpline numbers 020 - 6000 6160 for assistance or e-mail:

I have ordered 20 units and received only 10. What should I do?

Please call Indus Moments helpline numbers 020 - 6000 6160 for assistance or e-mail:

I have received a defective piece/the vouchers I ordered are damaged. What should I do?

Please call Indus Moments helpline numbers 020 - 6000 6160 for assistance or e-mail:

Can I cancel my request before it has been dispatched?

Yes, in case you want to cancel your request you would need to call Indus Moments helpline numbers 020 - 6000 6160. This facility is not available for credit cards.